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Assessment Options

Course Information

All our Forklift Courses can be assessed under ITSSAR, the Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register - for which we are an accredited centre. ITSSAR is a body approved and listed as an accrediting organisation by the Health & Safety Commission (HSC) in the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) for Fork Truck Operator Training. Please see

Many other courses can be assessed and a certificate of competence awarded should the candidate reach the desired standard.

One of the main queries every day is which assessment is appropriate.

Aprt from ITSSAR, there are 3 main assessment routes, all of which are nationally recognised, which we can arrange. They are, in no particular order:-

  • Lantra Integrated Training and Assessment

  • National Plant Training and Assessment

  • National Proficienty Test Council (NPTC)

These are explained in a little more detail here for your information.


Lantra Awards is a national awarding organisation specialising in training and assessment for the land-based and environmental sector. The Landscape Training Group is a registered training provider with Lantra and utilises a number of their portfolio of courses to offer relevant training to our customers in a cost effective way. There is no need to pay for a separate assessment as this is included as part of the training package, although duration and maximum numbers attending on each course are strictly adhered to enable sufficient time for training and assessment. Trainers are regularly updated and verified. Comprehensive course materials are provided, and LTG handles all the paperwork and applications for the skills certificate and card.

Lantra are able to offer ITA in most areas except the more advanced chainsaw units and pesticide application.


This is LTG's favoured route for training and assessment in construction plant and some machinery. It is practical based with the trainer also carrying out assessment during the course. It provides excellent flexibility depending on experience of candidates and numbers on the course which means it is also a very cost effective option for our customers.


At present anyone applying pesticides commercially have to hold a certificate of competence awarded by the NPTC.
Anyone working with a chainsaw in forestry or above the ground should also hold the NPTC certicitae of competence in the relevant units.
NPTC also offer a wide range of qualifications in basic chainsaw units, groundcare and machinery operation, and all our training courses can lead to NPTC assessment if that is the preferred assessment option. Often clients will request NPTC at the exclusion of all others. As the assessment is completely independent, there is the added cost of the separate assessor and time, but an NPTC award is held in higher regard perhaps because of this.

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