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Register of Landscape Operatives

The online ROLO courses are proving to be a hit, though it is always important to ensure good internet connection! We would not say that remote learning is our favourite means of training, but our trainer works hard to keep everybody involved and enthusiastic. We are now able to run the course over one day instead of two half days. The next date with spaces is:-​

  • 22nd February (Online)

Here’s what some of our participants had to say;

'I would just like to add that the course coordinator facilitated in making this task rather enjoyable and applicable to each participant, not an easy task, especially on a zoom call. Thank You’

‘I found the trainer very engaging and the course content was useful’

‘The course was well structured and engaging. The trainer did a great job of making it interesting and highlighting important areas’

The online course is a great option for someone who is working from home, or who feels uncomfortable presently in a classroom environment. Candidates need to register with ROLO Online (we send you the link), then are enrolled on a specific course.

The test is completed at the end of the course. Candidates will need a quiet space and access to a PC/laptop and a stable internet connection for the duration. Cost is £145 + VAT

The first half of 2023 looks as follows:-​​


  • February 3rd (online) & 22nd (online)

  • March 3rd (online) & 21st (online)

  • April 3rd (Lenham) & 11th (online)

  • May 2nd (online) & 19th (Lenham)

  • June 5th (online) & 23rd (online)

  • July 7th (Lenham) & 18th (online)

  • August 8th (online) & 29th (online)

  • September 8th (online) and 19th (Lenham)

  • October 6th (online) and 27th (online)

  • November 10th (Lenham) and 24th (online)

  • December 8th (online) and 21st (online)

Please email to register your interest

Management & Supervisory

There are courses available to help with business planning, productivity, leadership, communications, to name but a few. Please let us know what is needed so we can build them into the course programme. We are aiming to run the Effective Manager 5 day programme in February, content below. Maximum of 10 participants on training course. Cost £750 + VAT per day. Venue - Central to participants.

To be an effective manager

  • Management Skills; Defining the essentials

  • Motivation in theory and practice; How behaviour affects others. Identifying actions to improve motivation in the workplace

  • Managing the performance of others; Planning, allocating work, and monitoring performance. Setting objectives.

  • Management style; Preference and options. The use of power and influence. The use of delegation.

  • Leadership and teamwork; Role of the leader and working in a team

  • Communicating effectively; Creating, maintaining and enhancing effective working relationships with staff, colleagues and more senior managers. Handling difficult situations including grievances and discipline. Exchanging information to solve problems and make decisions, for example, in meetings and discussions.

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