Course Schedule

The course schedule shows our planned Open Courses. Some courses are run regularly every month such as Pesticides, Chainsaw, First Aid and ROLO. Others are planned in less frequently when they are in most demand, such as Pest Control (spring and autumn), Mowers, Brushcutters and Abrasive Wheels (winter). Most courses are registered and assessed through Lantra Integrated Training and Assessment or will have NPTC testing to follow (if required). Courses, such as Forklift are run on demand, usually on your site using your equipment. We can also run courses to your own specific needs.

If you don’t see what you need here, please do ‘contact us’ to discuss your training course requirements.

Most courses are registered and assessed though Lantra Integrated Training and Assessment or will have NPTC testing to follow. First Aid courses are run through accredited HSE trainers.

Courses are being added to the timetable all the time, and waiting lists operate for courses such as Abrasive Wheels, Brushcutter, ATV, Health and Safety, HACCP, Pruning Operations, Living roofs and many more, so please do let Louise or Cathie know of your requirements so we can plan ahead according to demand.


Forklift Courses

Forklift courses are scheduled on demand and have a maximum of 3 trainees on any given course. We can run one day experienced operator update and assessment, refreshers, or longer novice and conversion courses on your site using your machinery. We provide ITSSAR or EKT certificates showing that successful candidates have achieved the required standard. Employers should not allow anyone to operate a lift ruck on their premises without this type of evidence of training. Please do ‘contact’ the office to discuss the options.

Forklift Courses are scheduled on demand, so please contact the office on 01795 890890 if you would like to discuss the options.


If you have any certificates expiring over the next 3 months we will be sending you a reminder letter shortly. Please do contact us to discuss refresher training on 01795 890890. Most certificates last 5 years; the exceptions are first aid and forklift which need renewing after 3 years. Some certificates e.g. NPTC certificates do not have an expiry date, but HSE guidelines state that regular users should be refreshed every 5 years, and occasional operators every 3 years.

Management & Supervisory

There are courses available to help with business planning, productivity, leadership, communications, to name but a few. Please let us know what is needed so we can build them into the course programme. We are aiming to run the Effective Manager 5 day programme in February, content below. Maximum of 10 participants on training course. Cost £750 + VAT per day. Venue - Central to participants.

To be an effective manager

  • Management Skills; Defining the essentials

  • Motivation in theory and practice; How behaviour affects others. Identifying actions to improve motivation in the workplace

  • Managing the performance of others; Planning, allocating work, and monitoring performance. Setting objectives.

  • Management style; Preference and options. The use of power and influence. The use of delegation.

  • Leadership and teamwork; Role of the leader and working in a team

  • Communicating effectively; Creating, maintaining and enhancing effective working relationships with staff, colleagues and more senior managers. Handling difficult situations including grievances and discipline. Exchanging information to solve problems and make decisions, for example, in meetings and discussions.